Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hello to the International Visitors' Program (Print Journalism), Batch 2005

Hello to all the participants of the International Visitors Program (Print Journalism)! I remember I've promised to send the pictures to all of you. I guess this is the most efficient way to do it. While viewing this picture, you may want to visualize that Judith Kliks, David Pitts, Lonnie Hilliard (our English language officers) are behind the camera patiently taking our pictures.

To the rest of the world, let me introduce my esteemed colleagues. At the back from the left are Esther Liu-Fang Liang (Taiwan), Salim Biryetega (Uganda), Pamela Makotsi Sittoni (Kenya), Robaet Ferdous (Bangladesh), Rolando Barbano (Argentina), Nihar Khotari (India). At the middle from left: Adiratha Akilesh Rapun (Mauritius), Gloria Caleb (Pakistan), Ramya Kannan (India), Reem Khalifa (Bahrain), Martin Rodriguez (Guatemala), Sanja Simic (Croatia), Segun Adio (Nigeria), Suzanne Sheppard (Trinidad and Tobago). In front from left: Achawaradee Buaklee (Thailand), Ciprian Rus (Romania), Marynna Rakhlei (Belarus), Madi Ceesay (Gambia), and David Llorito (Philippines). Where is Sipho Kumalo from South Africa? Talking to George Bush?

More pictures next time.

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