Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Jefferson fellowship: surviving those dinners galore!

Wow, a day more and our business here in Silicon Valley is over. We have met lots of people (venture capitalists, innovators, chip designers, economists, media persons, etc) and I have learned a lot of things that i could use to analyze issues on innovation and offshoring in the Philippines. And most of all, I sampled lots of food: mexican, vietnamese, continental, whatever. Oh my! i was hoping I could lose some pounds while travelling. It seems like its not going to happen. All the Fellows, twelve of us plus Ann Hartman and Dr Dieter Ernst from the East-West Center, became friends and we just keep on having dinner together in different places all the time. That means eating lots of food. Of course, people would always treat us to lunch or dinner and the food were always good.

Next stop will be Beijing and Shanghai. It seems there would be lots of receptions and dinners. Liu Kunzhe, that beautiful lady journalist from Beijing already set us up for a grand hot pot dinner! Ewws! Who could refuse all those tasty Chinese cuisine?! Then it will be Bangalore and Chennai. Sidharta, business editor from Delhi, has also planned a great Indian dinner for all of us in Bangalore. I really hope I'll survive all these binges.

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