Monday, August 27, 2007

Reliable source: Manila Standard "didn't accept" Malu Fernandez's resignation

Hmm, it seems that the blogosphere's celebration in response to Malu Fernandez's reported resignation is premature. A reliable source texted me saying Manila Standard Today "didn't accept" her resignation letter. True? I don't know. I don't have to time to verify it. Nor will I try. There are more important things to do.

If this latest rumour is true, it means our manang will continue tormenting Economy class passengers and OFWs with her Jo Malone and would even have the pleasure of writing about it.


manuelbuencamino said...

I don't buy the political correctness angle. Let her insult and get insulted

Only thing I'm against is hate speech.

But I want a picture of her wearing her Jo Malone and nothing else. A picture speaks a thosand words.

Dave Llorito said...

jo malone and nothing else? ewww!