Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Left's strike against the people!

The Left is going to launch a transport strike tomorrow morning. Stupid! What are they trying to prove? First, let’s face it guys, you followers of Joema who is enjoying a nice life in Euriope, there’s really nothing you can do. It’s a global trend and government couldn’t do anything about it, except do certain policies to cushion it. And indeed, the strong peso has so far been cushioning the rise in local prices.

And second, if you are protesting against the rise in prices, why is it that you guys, admirers of Joema, are trying to hurt us ordinary people? The rich in this country are going to their work in style in their SUVs while more than 70 percent of us ordinary guys are going to use public transport. And you guys are going to make life difficult for us! Why are you trying to hurt us?

If you communists out there want to hurt “the ruling class” in this country, go and picket the oil companies! Go block those SUVs and you will see. Simpleng tao lang ang kaya niyo!


Anonymous said...

transport groups have declared that today's protest action will be a street march towards Mendiola, not a transport strike.

there have been protest actions in front of offices of oil companies. but we believe that in these extraordinary times, the government should take drastic measures to controil oil prices. unlike you, we believe the government can do more to control oil prices.

Oil price hikes are the real burden to the poor, not protest actions. activists are not on the streets everyday denouncing unfair economic conditions and policies. the situation today warrants some form of direct action to express our sentiments against skyrocketing oil prices.

how i wish respected journalists who write kind words for big business and corrupt politicians will refrain from insulting the left as blind followers of joma. not only is this similar to the government propaganda, it does not contribute to healthy intellectual debates.

Dave Llorito said...

its good that leftists have finally come to their senses of not conducting a transport. but i know the reason: they are going to force drivers not to run their routes and that will surely backfire. besides they will end up alienating the people.

oil prices are driven by global forces, that is why not one country has successfully prevented any price rise. one could any minimize the impact through certain policies like lower taxes, etc. that we have been having low inflation rates in the last several years (2.7%) suggest that competition somehow has cushioned international cruded prices. of course, one can totally suppress oil prices by doing what north korea or cuba does: by empoverishing the people so they wont need gas. but we are not yet about to become the dictatorship of the proletariat.

by the way, why is it the Left are so ashamed to be called joma followers?

Unknown said...

e kung bigyan na lang ng fare increase ang public transport?


Dave Llorito said...

well, since fares are regulated, they have to justify that. but remember that they (jeepneys) just got a 0.50 centavo increase.

Anonymous said...

Mong does not understand economics.