Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas sans carbon footprint

You will probably call me Grinch or kill joy, but I really feel there’s a need to reassess the way we celebrate Christmas. No, I’m not complaining about the “crass commercialism” that Christmas has gone down to. The flow of commerce is important if we are to create jobs and all that, but is there a way we could celebrate it in less environmentally harmful ways?

I’m no certified tree hugger (well, I did hug trees when I still enjoyed tree climbing as hobby and that was years ago), but I do think a paradigm shift is in order. But I won’t preach to you guys, but let me share here how I do Christmas with less carbon footprint.

I won’t shoot or light firecrackers, for obvious reasons.

I don’t have Christmas lights to help minimize the burning of fossil for electricity. I don’t have any Christmas tree, either. I find it so artificial.

I don’t wrap the gifts I give. Those wrappers always end up as tons of wastes in the dumps.

I minimize travel to minimize vehicular emissions.

I avoid excessive consumption for my health’s sake. Haha!

To celebrate Christmas, I only pray in silence, and read books to nourish my soul.

Would that make a difference? I don’t know, but if many of us adopt some of these measures, the world will be a better place and Al Gore wouldn’t think he is a failure.

Merry Christmas to all!


Anonymous said...

One very big component of Global Warming that even Al Gore would not talk about since I read somewhere that he is a cattleman is the effect of a meat eating population and the commercial livestock industry that provides this lifestyle choice on the environment.

I am a vegan for 3 very good reasons: 1 Animal Welfare 2 Health and 3 Environmental Issues. I am as fit as any meat eating carnivore and get as much protein and vitamins (including B group) from pulses, grains and vegetarian sources.

If people are really serious about reducing Greenhouse gases, then switching to a vegan diet is far better than some of the more stupid sacrifices being proposed.

You'd help the environment by not purchasing that ham and chicken etc. A Vegan Christmas can be as festive and yummy as any of the usual cholesterol filling fare that you get every year. And it comes guilt-free as you know that you are not partaking from the remnants of a sentient being that has endured unmentionable suffering.

For more information on the statistics behind this please visit some of the following website:

Urbano dela Cruz said...

Great ideas, Dave.

I'll try to wrap gifts with newspapers.

A couple more ideas:

If you have to drive to the mall to buy gifts, try to take just one trip. (if you can, take public transit.)

Buy local, imported items can be cheaper -it also takes more energy to get them to you.

Patronize local stores, and if any are within walking distance to where you live, go there.

Happy sustainable new year!


Dave Llorito said...

yup, i seldom eat meat myself; i prefer fruits and veggies and fish (sorry! haha!).

UDC: yeah, i share your ideas there, thanks.

Anonymous said...

maligayang pasko, dave,....