Friday, December 28, 2007

Complete domestication in 2008?

I won a flat iron from our Christmas e-raffle. Will I be “domesticated” in 2008?

Lest you think I’m superstitious, consider this. During our 2005 Christmas party, I got a travel bag. Our editor told me: “Maybe you are going to travel beyond the shores in 2006.” A few months after, while enjoying my life in Palawan after leaving Today Newspaper, I got a call from the US embassy.

“Dave, do you want to go to the US,” said a voice from the other line.

“Sure! But why should I go there?” I asked. “And how?”

“We have chosen you as a fellow for the International Visitors Program 2006,” she said. “It’s for leadership training in print journalism. Please come to the US embassy on Monday.”

And indeed I traveled to Washington DC, Virginia, New York, Florida, the mid-West (Nebraska and Colorado), and California (San Diego and Sta. Monica) to interact and learn from media organizations there.

In December 2006, someone gave me another huge travel bag. An officemate joked that I’ll be on a tour once again. True enough, I went to Australia courtesy of the Jaime Ongpin/Australian Ambassador’s Choice Awards. Then came the Jefferson Fellowship where I got to Hawaii, Silicon Valley, China and India.

Last week, I won a Hanabishi flat iron. Does it mean I’ll be completely domesticated in 2008?

Will somebody please give me a travel bag before the year ends?! Haha! Joke. Happy New Year to all!

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R Panaderos said...

I'll send you some clothes instead. Joke. :-)