Thursday, February 14, 2008

Middle class getting back to the protest business?

I just had an hour or two with finance guys this morning in Makati and know what—they are joining the anti-GMA rally in Makati. I thought all along these money guys hate joining such activities. But they are and, I guess, it all boils down to what I call “middle class values.” The core issue of course is corruption that reaches up the highest echelons of government, and corruption is certainly bad for business. Yeah, its high time the middle class should be part of this struggle for a better society. Mabuhay kayo!


Deany Bocobo said...

must be a slow burn. but honestly, 2010 is NOT that far away. Not that we should "wait". rather, prepare already. here the opposition falls down from an excess of candidates.

Dave Llorito said...

i also thought so. but who are the "opposition"?

dayuhangkayumanggi said...

djb_rizalist: That's what's worrying's a motley crew of varying ideologies there.

As I type, I hear Bro. Eddie Villanueva being floated about as a potential "alternative" presidential candidate...the very thought of that sends shivers down my spine.

Sure, I'm all for moral restoration and justice, but theocracy's not the solution

Dave Llorito said...

yeah, bro eddie is effective as a theologian not as a politician.