Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jefferson fellowship: next stop, Beijing!

Well, what can i say? Our business here in the Silicon Valley is over. It's almost like a flash. I have learned a lot, have met interesting people, made many friends, and suffered information overload. It would take a few more weeks before I could digest all of them. There would be more work ahead as I need to do more follow ups. Ah, so many things to do, so little time.

Overall, the San Jose phase of the Fellowship is just as good as Honolulu, learning-wise. But now, I have learned more about the secrets of Silicon Valley's success. The network that that the talents in this part of the world is what is driving innovation, not only here in The Valley, but also in places in Taiwan, Israel, China, and India. Despite all the competitive spirit among the venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, they do have time to network and learn from each other. They even formed non-profit organizations to mentor each other in management, finance, and marketing. It's a kind of "ecosystem" that nurtures each stakeholder.

I also found out Pinoys do partake of the Silicon Valley experience. They are coming here in droves as accountants and finance experts. I havent met an engineer though. There might be a few. Too bad I really didnt have time to explore this matter. But i'll find that out in other ways.

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