Wednesday, May 14, 2008

End of domestication?

So the superstition is not true after all.

No one gave me any travel bag last December so I thought I was in for a life of total domestication in 2008. I really thought so when I won an electric flat iron during the company raffle. Nothing beats a flat iron as a symbol for domesticity, right?

Well, I was probably wrong because I'm now on a journey back to Washington DC to attend the World Bank communicators' forum. (I'm at PAL's Mabuhay Lounge, enjoying the free Wi-fi). I'm excited because it will a great opportunity for learning new things in the field of communications. Also, I'll probably be seeing some relatives and friends: Judith Kliks and David Pitts from the IVP [International Visitors Program, State Department] as well as Mara Lee and Nobuhiro Saito, all DC-based journalists, from the Jefferson Fellowship last Spring 2007.

Of course, I just love DC! I just can't get enough of its historical monuments, museums, huge public buildings, and wide open spaces for the public sphere. In May, the temperature there ranges from 11-21 degrees C, probably just like Baguio City. It's perfect for an occasional visitor like me. I'm not sure though if I would have the chance to go around.

So friends, wish me good luck!


Deany Bocobo said...

Say HI to Abe Lincoln for me. We need a president like him. Sigh, envy you being able to get away from this here Miasma we got goin'.

Urbano dela Cruz said...

Hey Dave,

If you have time, let's have coffee. My offices are close to WB. I can also invite a few other pinoys working in the bank and in other institutions.

email me urbanodelacruz (at) gmail if you're game.


Dave Llorito said...

sure. we can have dinner. just email me when.