Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ortigas Center a Cruel City? There is hope

DAVE---You hit the nail on the head. But there is hope. Precisely, Cathy and I had been leading the move in Ortigas Center to make it more pedestrian-friendly. We have approval of the OCAI Board for the redevelopment of Ortigas Center, initially costing about P220 million. If you have time after the holidays, say 29th, drop by my office and I will show you a presentation of the Ortigas Center master redevelopment plan that was approved in principle by BF and the 3 mayors of QC, Pasig and Mandaluyong. While we have full control of Greenhills Shopping Center and Frontera Verde, we don’t control Ortigas Center which is now managed by the Ortigas Center Association Inc. (OCAI). We only have one seat in a 15-person Board. Thanks for bringing it up.--- Rex Drilon, Chief Operating Officer, Ortigas & Company


Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Hi David: I have a question. Why do you always post mails and their replies? Why don't you write something specifically meant for the blog?

Dave Llorito said...

Good question. Maybe the reason is that i want it to be sort of interactive, a two-way process.

Dave Llorito said...

ms accidental fame junkie: could you share your views why should i or should not post people's replies? i really haven't thought about it but i love interacting with people and it actually got good response because of this. What do you think?