Sunday, January 22, 2006

Boxing without borders: a compleat Manny Pacquiao

I admit I bet in favor of Erik Morales to win via unanimous decision. But I was happy that Manny Pacquiao won in such a very impressive passion. In their first fight, Manny could not figure out how to get past Morales' pesky jabs, the reason why he could not unload his much-vaunted killer lefts. This time, however, what I saw was a totally different Pacquiao--stronger, with more weapons (e.g. the right hooks to the rib cage did a lot of damage to Morales' stamina), with more lateral movements (to avoid the that jab-straight combination from Morales), and with more and relentless flurries (that made points and put a lot of pressures on Morales). Freddie Roach, his trainer, had really transformed Manny into a compleat fighter.

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