Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Crime? What crime?

Becoming a crime victim is a scary thought but that is not preoccupation of Filipinos these says as only 15 percent say they were victimized in the last six months. At the national level, Filipinos are rather worried about inflation, graft and corruption, economic recovering and attaining peace than criminality.

These are among the results of the latest “crime victimization” study conducted by the Pulse Asia, a private polling organization based in Quezon City.

“At the personal level, Filipinos are most concerned about finishing their education or providing schooling for their children (40%), having a good job (45%), and staying healthy (50%)” said Dr. Ana Maria Tabunda, the executive director of the Pulse Asia. Only 21 percent are concerned about becoming a crime victim.

I thought all along the Philippines is one of the most crime-prone places on earth. The survey seems to say otherwise. Or is it? 15 percent means 15 out of a hundred. That's quite high. But that also means that 85 percent were not victimized. Which is also high. I don’t have statistics on crime victimization rate beyond the borders but it's fine with me when most of us are not spooked by it. What do you think?


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