Thursday, February 02, 2006

I just love Friday!

I just love Friday. It’s the time when you look forward to reading a good book, browse some new titles at Powerbooks, or just watch a movie. Of course, the usual chores beckons—housework, cooking, and laundry—but these are minor inconveniences one has to deal with in exchange for a break from the drudgeries of the salt mine, I mean the office. I just finished Thomas Barnett’s “Blueprint for Action: A Future Worth Creating” (volume II of his earlier work entitled Pentagon's New Map) and I’ll probably look for a new title to read. I haven’t read his first one, Pentagon’s New Map, so I guess that will be the next? That’s one possibility. Of course, Benjamin Friedman’s The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth is another strong candidate but this one is expensive (P1700 plus). So I’ll may just have to settle for Pentagon’s New Map (Volume 1; P700 plus at Powerbooks) while saving some money for Professor Friedman’s magnum opus. Barnett’s Blueprint for Action is wonderful book, a good reference for those who are trying to figure out how to deal and live with the post-911 world. I’ll soon publish my review, maybe next week? Meantime, let me great ‘Happy weekend’ to all of you! (You may also visit Photographs and Memories for some of my very personal reflections)

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