Sunday, February 26, 2006

Marines massing in Fort Bonifacio: Is this the tipping point?

7:30 pm (Feb 26, Manila Time): There's confusion in Fort Bonifacio. General Miranda, marine commandant, was reportedly relieved of his post in relation to the supposed coup. Anoter officer, Col. Querubin said he is supporting his commandant, calling the people to rally behind him. Whatever that means we don't know yet. Things are fluid. This is scary. The marines are known to speak as one voice. The troops are known to be the most disciplined bunch and will follow whatever order the commandant would give them. Is this the tipping point? Its the most trying moment for this Republic.


Mike Abundo said...

We've been through worse. This stalemate is actually a little boring.

Dave Llorito said...

i would rather that this is boring. hopefull this will be solved peacefully.