Monday, March 26, 2007

Jun Gapud, Clausewitz and Toffler: Globalization reunites friends across borders

Tonight I got another email from an old friend who is now based in America. His email really touched my mind and heart.

Dave: Greetings from Jun Gapud. I stumbled into your blog having no clue that it was from a person I knew a long time ago in my days at APRAAP. But when I found myself agreeing strongly with all your views (globalists think alike, I guess), I decided to click on your profile and behold, it was a blast from the past. I distinctly remember our conversations about Von Clausewitz and Toffler. Thomas Friedman was not in the picture then but now its almost required reading, of course, for those who wish to grasp the inevitability of Globalization. That is my approach on explaining our "interesting times", with much frustration, to people I know both here in America and back home in the Philippines. I don’t even argue its merits and dislocations. Globalization is as inevitable as Global Warming (climate change) and it will drastically change our lives, agree with it or not. Preparation is the key and the ironic thing is that the Filipino culture -- a unique fusion of East and West -- gives us a competitve edge to embrace and exploit all these changes. Filipinos don't know what strength they have. Or is it that the fear of change is as universal as the love for cellphones and Starbucks?I see that you are now a prominent writer [how I wish!] and I congratulate you on your success. Your post on meeting Marge again was a classic.---Jun

What can I say? The world is indeed getting smaller by the day and I’m just too happy to know that friends could still remember me and our discussions back then. Yeah, globalization really brings people together as borders become meaningless.

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