Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just keep on ranting, you hear?!

Hmmn, it seems like my blog do get some attention sometimes. Today, Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Manuel Quezon cited the editorial I wrote for BusinessMirror which I archived in my blog Philippines Without Borders about to whose credit the country’s economic performance should go. I argued the government doesn’t deserve it because all along the party in power has simply been too busy putting out political fires. Neither should the Opposition denigrate the gains of the economy for they are real gains achieved by the private sector, overseas Filipino workers, and the local entrepreneur.

Quezon said:
And I’d like to know what the administration and opposition have to say about
David Llorito’s belief that the administration has been too busy playing “whack-a-mole,” that is, stamping out scandals of its own making, to really attend to what it claims it has been doing all along -- forgoing politics and focusing on the economy. As
Llorito puts it, “We could have achieved some more, probably on a par with our
fast-growing neighbors, if only the government had been really attentive to the
pulse of the economy.”

By way of proving his point, Llorito wrote that as far as the administration claim of an improved economy, “these are real gains, alright, but in truth MalacaƱang has little to do with it at all. A look at the national income accounts shows the country’s growth was largely driven by consumption financed by remittances, the rapid growth of cyberservices and the recovery in the export sector. The dynamics of these growth drivers have nothing to do with Palace occupants.”
Moral lesson? To all bloggers out there, just keep on ranting. You might yet get an ear or two and, who knows, you may even change the world for the better. Or worse.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Somebody nominated your blog in multiply to be included on the Philippine Blog Award. I came to visit and found it worthy to be there. Too bad, nomination was closed last Sunday. Has I known, I could have endorsed it.

Keep Blogging...

Dave Llorito said...

no worries, sonnie. i do blog in pursuit of my own happiness, so to speak; not for some awards or something. but i wont mind winning one someday. why not?