Saturday, July 28, 2007

Globalization, US role: the world has spoken

Each of us have different perspective on many global issues like—what else— globalization (e.g. the French hate it), climate change (“could we really do something realistic about it?”), the role of the UN (“ah, just another global lame duck institution”), US leadership (every body hates American “hegemony” but queues up the American embassy for visa), and China (“the new superpower!”). But what does the world in general thinks? The Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs and the World Public provides us this interesting summary:

On Globalization• Majorities around the world have a largely
positive view of globalization and believe that international trade benefits
national economies, companies, and consumers.

On Climate Change• There is widespread agreement that climate
change is a pressing problem that poses a significant threat, though views differ on whether urgent, costly measures are needed.

On the United Nations• Large majorities approve of strengthening the United Nations by giving it the power to have its own standing peacekeeping force, regulate the international arms trade and investigate human rights abuses.

On US Leadership• Publics around the world reject the idea that the United States should continue to be the preeminent world leader and prefer that it play a more cooperative role.

On China• Majorities around the world believe that the Chinese economy will someday grow to be as large as the US economy but only a minority thinks this would be negative.

What do you think?

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