Sunday, July 22, 2007

My apologies to Raymond Santiago from Unilab

Oh my, I really would like to apologize to Raymond Santiago, corporate affairs staff of Unilab and his managers. My mistakes are two-fold: first, he is not corporate affairs manager as I mentioned in my story in Asia Times ("Filipino diaspora goes up the value chain"), but corporate affairs staff. So sorry to his manager! Second, I learned he was not authorized to release the information that I mentioned in the article. I was pressed for time and I simply quoted him off hand in my effort to finish and submit the story. I thought the information was neutral and harmless—something that’s happening in all companies and industries in the country. Most companies I interviewed admitted to the problem related to the talent war in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific Region (e.g. high attrition rates, etc). The information of course is accurate but I should have waited for the official communications and quoted the right person.

Again, my apologies to Raymond.

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