Thursday, November 29, 2007

Trillanes surrenders to avoid the "loss of blood"-- his blood

It’s 5:10 pm and Senator Trillanes and General Lim decided to walk out of the hotel and surrender to avoid the loss of lives—their own. With the APCs and the SWAT troops moving in, there’s really no other option for them but to surrender. It was so stupid of them to initiate a “coup” in the first place. You want a coup and you launch it in a hotel?! My goodness! Such incompetent fools!

First, you don’t launch a “revolution” on a rainy day. Edsa I and II were done on a clear sunny day. And you don’t launch it on a five star hotel.

You want a real revolution? Learn from the lessons of Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, Joseph Broz Tito, Garibaldi, and Michael Collins. These guys launched it in the real battlefield; not in five star hotels. Mao said a revolution is no picnic and he succeeded.

But Trillanes and Lim would rather have their revolution in the comfort of a hotel. And when they started to feel the discomfort of a tear gas, they chickened out. Funny guys!


Mike Abundo said...

Senator Trillanes is a sloppy coup plotter who just gives Gloria more excuses to push the envelope.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he secretly works for Gloria.

Dave Llorito said...

well, our coup plotters here have always the luxurious and incompetent types. lol!

Anonymous said...

If I was the "Little Sister", I'd be forced to "push the envelope" with that power hungry moron (clue: he's the Magdalo dude who launched that stupid coup in a cozy, luxurious five star hotel while the rest of his troops are toiling away in prison thinking how to feed their poor families) getting to Phil TV and my hair and driving my patience to extreme limit. I must say, no wonder "Little Sis" wants to declare Martial Law.