Sunday, February 26, 2006

My last post for the night: Is this it, folks?

9:26 pm, Feb 26 Manila Time: Definitely, this is my last post for the night. I'm hungry and eager to to home. Im tired and stressed. What will happen tomorrow? Nobody can tell. Your guess is as good as mine. I'll resume posting tomorrow. A point of no return? Good night.


komentarista said...

Bad Trip!

So much for the hours spent watching the developments unfold only to fold up unceremoniously just like that?????

Good thing I availed of Globe's unlimited text. At least, that was the only positive thing I gained for the day.

If the marines always stick to "gentleman's aggrements", as their newly-installed commandant stresses so, does this motto applies only applies within their ranks? Don't the civilians constitute "gentlemen", the least?

Why call for support from civilians earlier and in the long run, only leave them poor "duped" supporters in the personalities of Herman Tiu Laurel, Teofisto Guingona, Cory, Bacani, Dinky, et al... hanging only to their individual selves at the end?


cryxycryx said...

Hey Dave. how are you? Sorry, I was busy studying for my finals the whole time..only to find out that we don't have classes today! Uf! What do you think about the present situation of our country? I'm deeply worried, you know... Baka maudlot pa ang graduation. Haha!

Without Borders said...

louise: our soldiers simply dont have the guts and the ruthlessness that latin american caudillos have. and that's probably good for us. ill have longer treatment on that.

Without Borders said...

well, the standoff has ended. gma survives to cling to power another day. but for how long? she is isolated and she is literally dependent on the loyal factions of the military. she is their hostage now.