Friday, March 17, 2006

SOS Something funny is happening to my blog site

Have you seen that fish box below my blogger logo? Yes, I'm now a member of the Bluefish Network. I should be happier by now since being a member of the Bluefish means I'm able to reach a wider audience and be with the company of erudite and interesting bloggers. But I am not. My blog site, powered by, doesnt seem to connect with the bluefish. The feed is there but it doesnt get through that's why readers couldn't see my post updates at the Bluefishnetwork portal. I tried feedburner and validate the feeds but it doesnt work either. What's happening here, I need your help!

1 comment:

bugsey said...

Hello Dave! Thanks for leaving a comment on my mundane blog ! Yeah..reading your blog... heck if President Arroyo is related to that Red Sox player then I must be the niec of Bill O' Reilley of Fox News! Crappy search engines!