Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Evolution versus Intelligent Design: An Unintelligent Debate

Doesn't this debate about evolution versus intelligent design bother you? In the Philippines, the issue does not get much attention the way that it generates controversy in the United States. An email (January 4) from Judith Kliks, a friend from USA, seems to capture this raging culture war in her country.

Dear David, Your son is quite a man already. As a believer in science, he would be dismayed at the debate across the US on the subject of teaching evolution instead of creationism and intelligent design. The latter two theories are being promoted by Christian fundamentalists, and at the very least, they want their theories taught along side evolution. Several cases are now in the court system concerning this controversy. Sadly, the current administration seems to bow to the wishes of Christian fundamentalists, as they form an important base of support for the Republicans. Fundamentalists, be they Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, etc., are so intolerant, and epitomize much of what is wrong with the world right now. We can only hope that more open minds prevail in 2006. With regards, Judith

My own religious background is Southern Baptist, probably one of those "fundamentalist" Christian groups in the US and the Philippines. But I never close my mind to the issues regarding creation vs evolution. My position is this: let creation be taught in Church Sunday schools and evolution in schools. For me creationism is a matter of faith and evolution of scientific process and at this stage there is really no urgency to "reconcile" the two. Who knows they are probably one and the same--- creationism answering the "why" and evolution the "how" of everything in the Universe (according to one wise-guy)? For all we know, man's and God's time are different. What if God reckons time in terms of "geologic time"? Let the quest to understand the Higher Being through theology and philosophy continue while science pursues its own course. Who knows these two quests might yet yield us the truth and set us all free from ignorance?


Anonymous said...

what makes a person fundamentalist anyway?

Dave Llorito said...

A person who bombs or shoots someone who doesnt accept the faith. that's the least i could think of. now, that's a terrorist-fundamentalist. or maybe a person who clings to dogma no matter what and does not tolerate other people's ideas. I guess that's a better definition.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your views on reationism/evolution, and where each should be promoted. As for being a Southern Baptist, that does not negate your being open-minded. I have a good friend who is a Southern Baptist, and
whose faith is very important to her, but she views new situations and issues with the same open mind as you do. I'm sure the same can be said of many people who belong to more conservative denominations and religions--just as there are people to belong to more liberal faiths who stick their heads in the sand. All the best, Judith