Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thank goodness its Friday!

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Thank goodness it’s Friday! And what am I going to do tomorrow? A movie is probably one good option. No, I’ll have nothing to do with that humongous monkey (Kingkong). Ill probably watch the chick instead, Aeon Flux. It’s not shown yet in the theaters because of that stupid film festival that prohibits the showing of foreign films for almost a month. But who cares? I can always settle for the pirated version (wink, wink).

I know, I know. It’s a lousy movie, story wise. But we are going to watch it, not for the story, but Charlize Theron. I don’t know but there’s something in this girl why I want to watch her films. I guess because, among the so-called "movie stars" or celebrities, she is one of the few blonds who doesn’t look dumb. Again, pardon the stereotyping.

But why complain about Aeon Flux’s terrible plot? I’ll watch it knowing it’s not Lord of the Rings or some high brow National Geographic documentary. I’ll be watching a cartoon. Yes, Aeon Flux was originally a cartoon with an offbeat and weird storyline. We are not supposed to complain about cartoons. Tom and Jerry is violent and senseless but I watched it a lot when I was younger. You don’t need a lot of neurons to appreciate Roadrunner. But hey, we just love that bird!

Happy weekend to all of you!


Galileo's Gambit said...

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Dave Llorito said...

Sure, why not?

H.C. Tan said...

thanks dave for dropping by =) flattered,I am. newayz u should visit Malaysia one day. Lovely place

Dave Llorito said...

sure, thanks for the invitation. i will, someday.

Captivating Cryxy said...

Is Aeon Flux nice? I like Charlize in the trailers, she looks like one deadly assassin with kick-ass moves.

Btw, you like Cien Años de Soledad (100 Years of Solitude)? I think it's such a dark novel nevertheless it was beautifully written. :)

Dave Llorito said...

sad to say, i postponed by aeo flux viewing for some other equally important activities. but ill tell you when i did. 100 years of solitude is a fantastic novel, written in the original gg marquez's magical realism style. thinking of re-reading it for sheer pleasure. i guess it would be like passionate love the second time around.