Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What do the Magdalo rebels really want?

Will somebody from those Magdalo rebel soldiers please explain what are they trying to achieve? Replace this “elite government” with what? A military dictatorship? Corruption in the military are valid issues. But when they start behaving like infantile college activists, that’s when we should start to worry. In history, military coups rarely figure out as real solutions to society’s problems.

Since the French coup of 1851, the world has witnessed 99 coups, 17 of them failed. Eleven of these failed coups were in the 80s onwards. This information may indicate the growing difficulties of grabbing power through a coup, probably because of several factors, including the effectiveness of peaceful people-power revolutions as an alternative; and the continuing tide of democratization worldwide. Wikipedia says coups rarely solve the social economic problems of developing countries hence it has become less attractive to military leaders. Currently there are 13 serving leaders who came to power through coup:

How are these countries performing in terms of economic and human development? I rest my case.


Deany Bocobo said...

Always nice to meet new bloggers. Will have to make it a point to visit here often.

Dave Llorito said...

thanks a lot, DJB. my blog is not as exciting as yours, but i do hope i could contribute something sensible to the discussions on issues affecting this world. welcome to a world without borders.