Wednesday, March 29, 2006

"Life is a Bell Curve": My new personal site at

Friends: I opened a new account at for my personal musings ("Life is a Bell Curve"). The site contains a personal blog ("All Seasons"), photos, reviews, music, and video. (I dont have postings on music and video yet). In fact, you can open your own free account and we could form our own network there. This account WITHOUT BORDERS will remain as my "think blog" and will continue to have the same content. You may click below to visit my new personal site:

I'll be transferring all my book reviews, movie reviews, and photos there as well. You are all welcome to visit and post comments. Thanks.


Deany Bocobo said...

hi dave, i haven't been getting out much lately, but i checkoud out your multiply site. i keep making these lil sideblogs myself, but boy, even one blog is a LOT of work, ain't it?

Dave Llorito said...

yeah. that's why im consolidating all my personal stuff plus some notes on "sustainable development" in my multiply site. but will maintain this without borders site for my "think blog."

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