Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yahoo's booboo: Now i know why editors still have their places under the sun!

The story "Arroyo sad about leaving Red Sox" in the March 22 edition of Yahoo Philippines (yes, the Philippines is interesting enough to merit a separate Yahoo page!) seems to tell us that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is in some way connected with the Red Sox, an American baseball team. Or is she a former fan of the Red Sox? Try clicking the headline and you will know that the story is not about President Arroyo but Bronson Arroyo, a baseball player, who is transferring to another team. Why this booboo? It's apparent that the one choosing the stories for Yahoo Philippines is a machine, a computer. My conclusion? Human editors are not yet obsolete, contrary to some observations that the journalism profession is going down the way of the dinosaurs. The machine simply doesn't have the subtle sensitivity to distinguish between Gloria the president and Bronson the baseball player. It's nice to know that we journalists still have our own place under the sun. For how long?

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