Thursday, March 23, 2006

Outsourcing unaffected by Manila's political noise

My impression was that the State of Emergency didn’t have any perceptible negative impact on the country’s outsourcing industry. After the lifting of Proclamation 1017, I had the chance to talk to Robert Sears, executive director of the American Chamber of Commerce and Industry regarding the matter and he confirmed my observation. He said the conference of American chambers all over the Asia-Pacific Region was pushing through. We were not concerned, he said. “We have faith in the Philippines.” The conference, in fact, pushed through without any hitch.

“There was minimal impact…,” said NeoIT, in its recent report entitled Philippines: Impact of Current Political Developments on Offshore Outsourcing Industry. “Service delivery has been unaffected by these protest rallies… Power companies and telco providers continued to provide uninterrupted service throughout the country. Airports and seaports experienced normal operations as well.”

Based in California, neoIT provides consultancy services to companies that are outsourcing their operations globally.

neoIT also said expansion plans of existing service providers are pushing through. Specifically, the operations of the ICT group in Riverbanks Center in Marikina have started. Call center eTelecare is going to hire 3,000 more agents in addition to its 4,100 staff. “The benefits of leveraging the Philippines to address business imperatives of global services sourcing far [outweigh] political issues,” concludes neoIT.

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