Friday, March 03, 2006

Winners and losers under Proclamation 1017

As expected, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo lifted the Proclamation 1017 thus putting an end to the week-long "state of emergency." She really had to because the whole affair has started to become ridiculous. Who are the winners and losers in that funny episode in our lives?

First, the winners.

1. President Arroyo. If the intelligence reports that military rebels and the extreme left had formed an alliance for the supposed coup, surely GMA was the clear winner. She survived. But for how long?

2. The Opposition. It seems like P1017 has provided the opposition a unifying factor. It seems like the numbers of those who are critical of GMA has multiplied. Given GMA's declining popularity, the chance for a successful impeachment might has increased.

3. The Military. More than ever, GMA has become too dependent on the Armed Forces, knowing that her continued stay in power depends on the "loyalty" of the chain of command to her presidency.

4. Extreme Left. Proc1017 has really made celebrities out of leftist party-list legislators. As members of Congress, these people hardly made a stir until GMA proclaimed the "state of emergency."

And the losers?

1. Overseas Filipino workers. That coup attempt certainly has done a great damage to the Philippines' image abroad. Employers of OFWs might think Filipinos are funny and are not to be taken seriously.

2. The economy. The Philippines barely attract a billion dollars worth of investments each year, as compared to China's $50 billion or Malaysia's $4 billion a year. With this recent political troubles, many foreign investors would have second thoughts about putting in their money here in the Philippines. That means most of those who will graduate this April won't find jobs.

3. The rest of the Filipino people. Do I need to explain this?


JB Lazarte said...

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